Group Training

Fitness training with a partner or in a group can be a great way to add some extra motivation to your workout. At North Shore Personal Training, we offer group training classes that are designed to suit all types of fitness levels while incorporating a healthy amount of competition amongst participants.

What is Group Training?

Group training at North Shore Personal Training refers to the many different fitness classes we offer that range in intensity and skill level. Whether you enjoy training with a specific partner, or you are looking for a new experience in one of our classes, our group training sessions can be the ideal choice for your workout regime.

Benefits of Group Training

One of the key components of a healthy fitness regime has to do with motivation. While it is true that many people are happy with achieving their personal best, there is nothing like having the support and encouragement of an entire fitness class to push you to succeed. In addition to the support of your peers and trainers, group training sessions at NSPT also incorporate a healthy level of competition among our participants which provides an extra sense of accomplishment on any given day for group members that go the extra mile during their workout.

For many people, this sense of accomplishment is what keeps them coming back for more intense and demanding training sessions, while motivating them to encourage their friends and classmates to do the same.

Who is Helped by Group Training?

Feeling brave? Try actual boot camps with a real drill instructor. Be ready for a challenge, these are not your average classes. NSPT Boot camps are the real deal. Be ready to run, jump, push, and go outside your comfort zone for an intense workout.

Group training classes at NSPT can be a great way for fitness enthusiasts to find their new preferred method of training.

We offer well balanced and highly structured classes for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts who thrive in group settings. If you are the type of person who gains energy and inspiration from the achievements of others then it is likely that we have a fitness class that is ideal for you. Our trainers encourage all of our class participants to support one another while trying to achieve individual fitness goals in a fun and sociable environment. Many people also enjoy the variety of exercises offered in our classes which provide a number of opportunities for participants to learn from one another, as well as the trainer who leads the class.
To find out more about the wide range of group training classes offered at North Shore Personal Training, including strength building and certified boot camps, be sure to schedule a free consultation and fitness assessment today!

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